Help your cells and heaven will help you

Publié le 21 Février 2013

You are convalescents, athletes, seniors, and you need a dietary supplement. You know which supplements are sources of vitamins, antioxidants, omega3-6, and many other minerals. But do you know how your body regenerates? Do you know which promotes the regeneration of your cells? How to make a good food with vibratory rate? What are the few plants in the world that can help you? Do you know what I can do better today, tomorrow, and the other day? This is share this information with you, and that you share them in turn, thank you : 

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bellota 12/04/2013 15:50

Why are people so disturbed about realising they may have eaten horse meat?
It is shock, horror when finding there may be horse in their food but they dont care if there is cow, pig or sheep in their food.
What is the difference between eating horses and cattle and sheep, all are animals that are tortured and slaughtered have the same pain barrier, emotions and fear?